HCW is a Community Initiative

HCW 's function is, through a low monthly public contribution, to provide contributors with the peace of mind that in the event of an incident or emergency, they can phone the control room for an Armed Response, 24/7. At the same time HCW provides pro-active patrols to prevent criminal activities, thus making our streets and neighbourhoods safer.  Helderberg Community Policing is a registered Section 21 Company (operating without profit or financial gain) which trades as Helderberg Crime Watch (HCW).

HCW presently contracts Vetus Schola to provide patrol vehicles and patrol officers (very often with K9 support) that operate under the Helderberg Crime Watch banner. These HCW patrol vehicles differ from the normal alarm response vehicles in that alarm response vehicles do not normally carry out pro-active patrolling.

Whether you have a Security, Medical or Fire emergency, or need help to control wildlife on your property, just call the control room and we will organise assistance.

Helderberg Community Policing NPC has now been registered as a Public Benefit Organisation by SARS in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Any donations given are tax deductible by the donor, up to 10% of taxable income.