Why Become an HCW Contributor



Why you should contribute to Helderberg Crime Watch (HCW)

The contributions that come in every month allow us to:

  • Proactively patrol the area and crime hotspots.
  • Respond to any emergency situation at your house or in public open spaces.
  • Assist you if your car breaks down in and around the area.
  • Put an N2 patrol on the road to and from Cape Town to assist motorists.
  • Fund a communication network (HNCW), which is in contact with all security providers, both government and private.
  • Install video cameras with licence plate recognition, linked to a city wide network which can track down criminals and law breakers.
  • Support neighbourhood watches and their patrollers.
  • Work closely with SAPS on special operations.
  • Keep public protesters at bay and you safe, when the need arises.
  • Have K9 members to search the area and protect you.
  • Help you when you are scared and need that extra bit of protection.
  • Analyse crime patterns, visit crime scenes, follow up on cases and tailoring our response to the ever evolving face of crime.
  • If HCW did not exist, criminals would enter our space, drugs and theft would take over and our property values would decline.

HCW is a non profit company and all funds are used to provide security for our contributors and the general public. Become a contributor today and become part of the solution.

Call our office at 021 852 3118 for a debit order form